Saturday, May 30, 2009


We are in a time of crisis. Like so many, KAIROS is hard hit by the global financial crisis and new revenue cuts. Now more than ever, our justice work needs your help.

We promise that we will embrace the challenge, renew our efforts and learn from the people on whose behalf and with whom we work for justice.

Please make your gift of $60, $40, or any amount you can afford.

In Colombia, in Darfur, in the Philippines and here in Canada – people organize and work to end oppression, poverty, human rights abuses. They get up every day and transform their communities, often risking their lives.

Women are in the forefront of working for change, and deserve our support.
KAIROS brought Yolanda Becerra, a Colombian human rights worker, to Ottawa a few months ago, to meet Members of Parliament and Canadians.

She urged them to help stop the killings of human rights workers. She received death threats before coming here, just for demanding justice.

But she refuses to leave her work.

“Thank God I’m still alive,” Yolanda says. “KAIROS urgent actions helped protect me.”

KAIROS funds and advocates for partners like Yolanda around the world and in Canada. They teach us that social movements are full of courage and inspiration. They show us how to be true to our mission - no matter what. When you give to KAIROS you join a great momentum for justice.

Could you send a gift of $60, $40, or any amount you can afford? Your help will support people changing our world. We must stand with them.

Please visit to learn about all our work.

Thank you for whatever you can do.

Mary Corkery, Executive Director
P.S. To help, make your donation conveniently online, call Fahira Golich at 1-877-403-8933 (toll free), or print this form and mail your gift to:
KAIROS 310 Dupont St., Suite 200 Toronto ON M5R 1V9

Our human rights and justice work is in jeopardy.
You can help.

Friday, May 8, 2009

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South Africa Digging at the roots of the HIV/AIDS pandemic
May 7, 2009
Voices of Hope Story May 10
“Let’s us not just look at caring for people; let us also try to liberate people’s minds… liberate hearts.” — Lulu Boxoza, founder of Temba House

When the staff at Temba House found women returning to their HIV/ AIDS shelter, not seeking health care but rather refuge from poverty and violence at home, they knew they had to deepen their community response.

When health care services fall short, it’s women who fill the gap. They care for the sick and the dying at home, in addition to their ongoing responsibilities. Furthermore, there are few homes in South Africa that have not opened their doors to care for the orphaned children of relatives. With support from PWRDF, Temba House provides regular stipends for its home-based caregivers, which not only confirms the value of this work but also increases the independence of the women workers. Temba House also works at changing harmful behaviours and unequal relationships between men and women. They are raising up a new group of leaders in the Men as Partners project that encourages men to play a
positive role in the fight against the pandemic. These men are articulating a new image of masculinity that is responsible and caring, and they are playing an active role in the lives of orphaned children. The people at Temba House know that when men and women work together, they can build a movement that not only cares for people’s bodies but also liberates hearts and minds.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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PWRDF responds to emergency in Northern Sri Lanka
February 13, 2009